It was just a hobby! How did THIS happen?

Find the parts

I am an artist, a writer, a photographer and a gardener.
All of these elements are such a part of my life that it is only natural that they come through in my work. My love of nature and animals combined with my nostalgia for the fine craftsmanship of days gone by are my foundation. I provide cherished memories in my commissioned pet portraits and I strive to honor the fine craft of master designers and carvers in my paintings of vintage automobiles and carousel animals.

A girl and her canvas

What to do?………..

Having a studio with lots of light and lots of space is a beautiful thing. But as my canvas sizes have increased in size, I sometimes question my judgement. “How soon until I run out of wall space?”, I ask myself. Then all reason kicks in as I look at my very large and empty ceiling. I could fit another 20 canvases up there at least! Cool. “Carry on” says I.

On a Horses Wings, I will fly

A step by step look into the creation of "A Horses Wings"
Journey through a painting. “A Horses Wings” is my latest carousel painting which represents the magic of Therapeutic Ridings and the freedom that horses give to a rider.